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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Escape

Before heading out on your perfect summer escape, be sure you’re fully prepared for a great time. Use these tips to ensure your trip is truly enjoyable.

Lose the Guilt

To make your vacation truly enjoyable, start by losing the guilt you feel over taking time off of work. After all the hard work you put into your job, you definitely deserve a break. If you’re constantly worried about what you’re missing out on at work while on your vacation, you’re less likely to enjoy your getaway. Remember that taking this time to yourself will also help you return to work refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Stop checking your email and live in the moment while on vacation.

Make Solid Plans

Planning is a huge part of the perfect vacation. After all, the only thing worse than not taking a vacation is having a bad one. To start making your plans, decide where it is you want to go and decide how to get there. Do want to go on a cruise, a road trip, or do you prefer flying? Are you looking forward to bustling city life and architecture tours or a remote island hideaway? Before booking your tickets and accommodations, double check the dates of your trip so that there are no mixups.

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Do Your Research

Along with planning, you will have to do some research. When booking a hotel, don’t just pick the first one that pops up in your search. Be sure they offer the amenities you’re looking for and that they’re close to your points of interest. It also helps if they offer shuttle services to and from the airport as well as to points of interest. If you or someone in your party has mobility issues, you will want to make sure they have the proper accommodations to make your stay comfortable. If heading out of the country, get familiar with the currency and exchange rates before heading out. You may have checked typical weather conditions when booking your trip, but it can help to check these again right before packing your bags for a more accurate reading.

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Take Care of the Paperwork

If you’re heading out of the country for your vacation, be sure you have the proper paperwork all sorted out. Don’t leave your home without your passport and necessary visas. It also helps to take your medical information with you as well as insurance cards. Leave a copy of your itinerary that includes contact information with a friend or family member just in case.

If you’re not sure what paperwork you’ll need, check out these tips from the U.S. State Department.

Call Your Bank

One of the biggest hassles while on vacation comes in the form of debit or credit cards. No one likes to find out that their bank has frozen their account due to fraudulent activity as they try to pay for dinner. Before leaving on your trip, inform your bank of your travel plans. This will let them know that it is you using your cards outside of the country.

Think About Your Home

Take the proper precautions to ensure your home stays safe while you’re away. If you’re worried about potential break-ins, talk to your local post office about stopping your mail delivery during the time you plan to be out of town. You can also have a friend or family pick up your mail and other deliveries for you. A friend can also park in your driveway and take care of your pets or plants, reducing the potential for break-ins. Even though social media is a huge part of everyone’s life these days, it’s best to avoid posting vacation photos until you’re back. Posting photos of your trip while you’re out of town can alert potential robbers of your absence. If you have a spare key hidden outside your front door, remove this before leaving. Finally, unplug electronics to save energy in your home and prevent potential short-circuiting.

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