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If you’re looking forward to a fun-filled summer, but work is holding you back, trust an experienced personal assistant to plan your summer for you.

Get a Head Start on Your Summer Plans with the Help of a Personal Assistant

With summer just around the corner, time is quickly running out to make the perfect summer plans. If you simply don’t have the time to make formal summer arrangements, trust a personal assistant to handle this for you.

Book Your Summer Trip

Summer is the perfect time to head out of town or even out of the country on a family trip. However, buying plane tickets, booking accommodations, making dinner reservations, and creating a fun itinerary can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If you don’t have time to investigate hotels and their amenities or airline prices, a personal assistant can do all of this for you. Simply inform them of the services you’re looking for, your budget, and the dates you have available, and they can look for the best fit. Before booking everything, decide if you want your personal assistant to accompany you on your trip. If you’re taking a family trip, your personal assistant can keep your children busy with activities they might enjoy when you need some time to yourself. They can also help you resolve last-minute issues that may arise. Say, for example, you have reservations at a nice restaurant, but you forgot to pack a nice jacket. They can figure out where to find a jacket for you so that you don’t have to waste precious vacation time.

To make sure you don’t forget to pack anything, use a trusty packing list as you fill your suitcase.

Keep Track of Your Children

For students, summer means a break from school year schedules and much more free time. If you’re going to be busy at work, why not sign your child up for summer activities that promote growth while also keeping them busy? These activities may not follow the same schedule they have grown accustomed to during the school year, making it harder for you to drop them off and pick them up. This is where a personal assistant can offer their services. They can help keep track of your children’s schedules while also ensuring they’re not running around unsupervised.

Maintain a Tidy Home

With your children likely spending more time at home during summer break, things are bound to get a bit messier indoors. The last thing you want to see when you get home is a disorganized home. Luckily, you can trust a personal assistant to keep things clean and tidy. Even if your children are fond of arts and crafts projects or baking, you don’t have to worry about having to clean up a messy kitchen or living room. Instead of spending your time picking up after your little ones, use your time away from work enjoying their company.

Summer is a season for fun, and LifeSquire Gulf Coast can help you make it just that. To learn all about their services and how they can help you have a perfect summer, contact them at (941) 212-6168. Whether you need help taking care of personal tasks at home or extra help at the office, you can be sure their expert care-takers can do it all.

Take Care of Business

As much as many adults wish working life came with an extended summer break like when they were in school, that just isn’t a reality for most of us. You can, however, get pretty close with the help of a personal assistant. Whether you just want some time off to spend at home or you’re heading out for a summer vacation, a personal assistant can take care of some of your work for you. No one wants to check their email while relaxing on a warm island beach, but sometimes it’s necessary. In these instances, you can trust your personal assistant to keep an eye on your email for you and take care of small things, like setting up meetings, returning phone calls, and keeping track of other important happenings. If something very important requires your attention right away, they can let you know so that it’s properly handled.

Plan a Pool Party

A summer pool party is a great way to celebrate a birthday, the end of the school year, or the season in general. Whatever the occasion is, put your pool to use this summer by planning a fun party. Take care of the basics, like creating a guest list, deciding on snacks and drinks to serve, and setting the date and time. The details can be sorted by your personal assistant, leaving you to enjoy the party along with your guests.

Personal Assistant Service in the Gulf Coast, Florida Area

No matter what you’re planning for the summer, be sure you have the right help to make it work. Contact LifeSquire Gulf Coast today to learn about what their services can mean for your personal and professional life. Get started today by calling them at (941) 212-6168 and learn all about their professional services.